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Trading robots QPILE for the workplace QUICK
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      A special programming language QPILE is a set of commands for the workplace QUICK. The programming language QPILE allows you to calculate values and generate the table in real time based on data from other tables.
      QPLE is used to calculate the value of the portfolio securities. The QPILE language allows to describe any algorithm for calculating the position of the indicators of the customer based on personal preferences and knowledge. In addition, the language allows to write programs that track the changes of the positions of the instruments and issuing signals etc trading robots.
      QPILE used to write programs that evaluates the factors affecting portfolio value and missing in QUICK or system of the exchange.

      The QPILE language is designed to work with data arrays, variables and table data working with mathematical and logical operations. Programs to QPILE can be both server and local. To run the program use an interpreter. Is there a debugger for identifying errors.
      Function QPILE
      - create tables of any complexity
      - calculation of the values of the table fields according to the specified algorithm
      - color highlight table cells
      - the formation of text messages to the user
      - the selection of table options to display
      - manage order of display
      - assign "hot keys"
      - create a "display bookmarks"
      - previewing and printing tables
      - search in the table
      - copying data to clipboard
      - data output in Excel
      - output in ODBC
      The QPILE language is very easy to be mastered by users with programming skills. QPILE programs on all available data from the trading system, which can be obtained through the channels of the ODBC or DDE. To obtain data does not require special settings. QPILE programs to have full access to the schedules of quotations and prices.

      In QPILE programs are not available for data input and interactive control. To get around this, you need to use a utility to edit external text files. The interpreter QPILE is slow, because computing resources are maximally utilized in the trade. QPILE hardly suited to "real time" and process "tick" charts.
      QPILE well suited for the development of information and trading systems a semi-professional level.
      High-speed trading system for Forex it is advisable to create using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and MQL programming language.
      MQL4 used for creating scripts, custom indicators, expert advisors and libraries.

      Скрипты MQL4 can automate a lot of routine repeat operation. But you can perform calculations, analyze graphs and display statistical information.
      MQL4 allows you to create indicators displaying the information synthesized on the basis of your algorithms and based on certain data you. Such programs can be executed on each "tick".
      On MQL4 you can write the program advisors, who, unlike the indicators can give advice on buying or selling and give automated signals.
      MQL4 libraries are collections of modules that implement functions to solve specific problems.
      To write programs in MQL4 language is used the MetaEditor 4
      Unlike QPILE MQL4 works with compiled code. Example


      Indicators There are several types of indicators. Commonly used indicator is moving average (Moving Average). This indicator is drawn in the window, the graph displays only one curve, the display range is not limited and depends only on prices, the graph line is drawn with the specified line type.
      The other type of indicators of interest (Williams' Percent Range) - the type of indicator that draws a graph in otdelnom window frame, so de only displays a single parameter but a range of values of the indicator is limited. The graph line is drawn with the specified line style.
      Indicator volumes (Volumes) - looks like a histogram. The indicator fractals is drawn in the specified character type. Alligator indicator (Alligator) otobrazhat in the frame simultaneously three line graphs. Read more -

      The language of the MQL4 have the ability to connect external functions (from files with the extension .dll) This allows you to access system calls and create almost any necessary function.
      There are programs using the MQL4, but having already created the user interface. For example, Gordago Forex Optimizer - could create expert for MQL4 and optimize strategy. This is useful to gain experience.
      EA Forex can work off the Metatrader 4 terminal. For this we need to rent VPS (virtual dedicated server Windows). You can rent a VPS and VDS (VDS is a dedicated server, not virtual). But the price for this will be significant. Read more -

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